Unexpected and Remarkable Discovery On the Journey to Peace

I remember the day when I have heard about Peace Revolution. It was in one of the peace camps where my friend told me about it. It was such an exciting moment as I have found the space where I could combine two big parts of my life – social and inner development. Whenever I started my journey in Peace Revolution I had a feeling of being in the right place as here I have found the work that I used to do for myself. For years I have volunteered and worked in international peace building organization and used to meditate for inner and spiritual development. And here… I have found both of them together and interconnected.

For these reasons without any hesitation I started my self-development program and got involved as a co-organizer in the first meditation workshops (MiniPIPO activities) in Tbilisi. I did not know how that would work out, what feedback I would have and how community members would response on that. But I thought that it was worth to try and made the first steps. It was most challenging to explain to interested people what it was all about, it was quite challenging to avoid any wrong perceptions and overcome the hesitations. Eventually, we did it and everyone, including organizers, participants and guests agreed, that it was a very nice experience.

Things are chflowersanging when they  come with meditation. I am not sure how many have tried it and how many know it, but it is still quite respected. After joining Peace Revolution and my starting self-development program, I realized some of its benefits and why it is so respected. It brings me inner peace and after my meditations, I am happy to see how all my problems, distractions, and worries are gone because I just stop thinking about them. Being free from fear and stress I feel how love frees itself and tries to connect everyone and everything around me. I feel how positive energy increases within me along with my productivity and creativity. I may be hard to understand for those who don’t meditate, but I have seen many friends changing their minds after experiencing it at least once.

Meditation is one of the ways for finding and facing yourself. It gives you answers to very deep and very important questions. It gives you values that contribute to your overall well-being. These answers may be great inspirations as well that give you energy, enthusiasm, and spirit to take important actions. These answers bring stillness and peace in mind that makes us less aggressive and more positive. One might think that happiness costs a lot, but it truly costs only certain mindset that can be achieved with a couple of minutes of meditation. Sometimes I think that it is as essential to our mind as food or sleep for our body. I love traveling as it make people smarter but now I do love my meditation journey even more, as it makes people wise and happy.

written by Tornike Chargeishvili

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