Are we social?

Are We Still Social?

I am thinking, how social are we nowadays? We share a lot of things on Facebook, we connect through LinkedIn, we post on Twitter. But does all this make us social?

Are we social?
Are we social?

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Today I saw a video about the way making social contacts in real life would look like if we did them like we do online. It would be quite odd.

Poking people to get some attention,

Tell strange people about your beautiful breakfast,

Show other people that you are on vacation,

Follow people, because they tell something nice.

What would people say about this? In this video you can see their reactions. I found it really funny, if you know what’s happening. What if in real life a stranger really followed you or was showing you all his vacation pictures? Should you react in a pleasant way, or would you ignore them?

Are we not going a bit far with all that social media? Isn’t just better to have real contact with people? I am not saying to quit using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They can be really handy to keep in contact with people.

But don’t forget the real contact. Can you really listen to people around you? Can you even listen to yourself? Can observe your feelings? To keep in touch with yourself you could try to have once a week an offline day. If this is too hard for you, try once a month. A day where you don’t use any social media. Try to get in contact with yourself, and with others.

In this moment, it can help to ease down a bit. Meditation can help you calm your mind and get in real contact with yourself. After that you will see things clearer, answers that you have been looking for will suddenly appear.

After a meditation session you can connect better to yourself and others. So, in this calm moment, try to write people a letter. Or just visit some friends, whom you have been wanting to visit for so long. Take time for yourself and others.

Hopefully, you can make a day once a week without social media.

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