New “Addiction” Available For Anyone!

Well, let’s admit, who was not dealing with addictions right after the meditation retreat was over? Addictions of any kind, ready to lure your senses all the time. World is full of them, especially when you live in one of those post-communistic countries.

I was not a heavy smoker but you know, it felt good to be inhaling slowly and just enjoying the light feeling of bliss. When everything around just stops for a moment. Moment measured by cigarette length. For example, what happened to me just two days ago. I was having a presentation about Iceland. More than 120 people came. Audience was cooperative so I was leaving slightly drunk with power of human energy. That’s why I asked my friend Palo to give me a cigarette to celebrate this success a bit. But right after lighting it I broke it when searching for a lip balm in my bag. And suddenly I realized that smoking, even if I wanted, is no more for me.

Talking about drinking alcohol, was no different. After another presentation about Iceland, which by the way was really bad just because of my jet leg from past days in India, I felt totally exhausted. That was strong enough reason to take few sips from my friend’s beer I was sitting with. Nicely chilled beer. Its bitterish taste makes you forget about anything and is giving that intrusive smile to your face. But what had happened the next day? I went to a gastroenterologist who literally stuffed my bowels with black moving stick and prescribed me with 3 sets of antibiotics. Another message from the universe by clearly showing me the right way. Still, sometimes people can play blind deaf to the signs and to their inner self. I am no different. So, when I came to see my friend working in a cafe and asked her to make something good for me, she wanted to pour an egg liquor with only 11% of alcohol to my mug with hot beverage. Fine, why not? Only 11%, it´s like nothing. But as she was looking for a particular bottle she found out that bottle had just finished. So, even if I was not so sure about quitting drinking I could not drink even that liquor anyway and that is why I decided to not drink anymore. Finally, I got the message.

What about marijuana? The green lady fearlessly vanishing all of your boundaries, leaving you open to the world, with trust that everything is just right, in the right place. Well, I came to a hut when writing this. Yes, I used to smoke marijuana. And then I realized that it is not really what I would like to keep with me as a habit. And that is how meditation’s effects are able to sometimes get the job done for you. I understood that everything I need, I can achieve it thanks to my mind. With trust in myself and in the universe and that seed which was put inside us, that seed which keeps being there no matter what, waiting for its chances to grow. From now on I am going to be hooked on a much better drug. Free and available for everyone in the world – MEDITATION!

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