MENA Salam III Fellowship: Amazing Chapter in my life.


Wow yes, I got accepted at MENA Salam at Turkey, woohoo.

That was my first reaction when I got the acceptance Email, however I knew that I have a lot of paper issues to be covered due to some unrest between the governments of Egypt and Turkey.


I applied for the visa, and got it in a couple of days in a very easy process. But to be able to travel I had to get two travel allowance, from two different places and each one of them is located away from the other.

Successfully, I got the first allowance in one day and applied for the other to get it within 3 days. While I am on my way to get the allowance, I were riding with my friend, and had an accident that my friend got a shallow injury in the head and a bruise on the back, and I got a bruise in my right Rips, after checking that we were fine without any serious thing, I were ok and able to continue my way to the place to get my allowance from.

One hour of slow waiting, nothing in my head except the accident, the frustration and the ability of not getting this, at some point I let everything goes and flow.

Yes, I got it I got it, and yes I am ready to travel, and confirming my flight and the attendance day.

 Two days before the fellowship starting day, I were not sure if I could make it or not due to this paper struggle, but there was something, something that keeps pushing me forward and giving me this passion and this power to continue, rise and do my more than the best to go to turkey.

One day before the flight, went for a crazy shopping to pack my things in a no time and without dropping or forgetting anything.

I had a strange mixture of feelings while I am getting on the plane, I were so proud of myself, I have been in the Center, watching, observing and reacting without overrated actions or deeds, isn’t it Peace? J.

With every mile closer to Dalaman airport (pick up point) I could feel nothing, I had no expectations, even when I try to expect something, the Body exhaustion was preventing me from doing any mental activity except focus and being ready for any other plans.

I made it to Dalaman and waited for the pickup, during this period I didn’t say a single word, I were only hearing music from my IPOD and read a couple of pages at random books without any focus, it might be a new kind of sabai.

The Journey Starts, I were amazed by the amazing view of Fethiye and the awesome Pastoral Vadi (the Fellowship Venue), and this happiness continued with the amazing peaceful souls I had met there, every person was the best reflection of own country, we were connecting in a very unique way, we all had peace and had this amazing energy flowing around.

From the first moment I got the acceptance letter, I knew that the retreat will bring something is really awesome, something that is going to change my mind and a lot of things around.

“I am Good Enough – Bein Yeterince iyim “

What !! in the beginning I thought It might be a random message from the crew to the participants, but after asking the other mates, it wasn’t. it was a message.

Someone before me was in the room dropped / forgot – not pretty sure –  this message in the console and I found it, that person I found her name tag lately and she is “DELIKE”.

On my way to turkey I were holding extra negative stuff to my pack such as frustrations or disappointments from people, from situations I were not so good at it or regrets which has affected my confidence, then I see the message “I am good Enough”.

At this point I thrown everything off my shoulders, every single pain was pulling me down has gone, I could hear my mantra “Clear and Bright” but this time the center was singing “I am good Enough” – I liked it in Turkish J – and then the whole days was so inspiring and I could let everything go and flows and surprisingly the solution was there, the solution and the answer were in my mind.

I had an amazing experience and very interesting conversations with a lot of amazing persons from different backgrounds, which was a great chance to share and reflect this rich flow of thoughts and energy.

With every meditation, yoga, ice breaking session and free time, I could learn a new lesson about life, myself or the world, I seen a strange kind of unity, a unity in feelings, minds, ideas, everything was so perfect, UTOPIA was there.

Although the different cultural, religious and ideological backgrounds, we were so connected and accepting for each other, there was this kind of energy that is full of light and purity.

We Were Good Enough – Biz Yeterince iyim

Sabai Sabai:)

By Mohammad Nasr

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