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Meditation Impacts Personal Performance

Practising meditation on a regular basis has the power to transform your life in all its dimensions. Since all aspects of life are interlinked, it will become more obvious how improving one will impact the others aspects of your life: becoming a better individual equals becoming a more empowering friend, a more determined professional, a more tolerant citizen, etc.

Here are four ways in which meditation impacts personal performance:

1. Boost of self-confidence

At the beginning of the practice, the mind is full of doubts. Most parasite thoughts wandering inside our mind are far from being empowering. So, as a novice, when you sit and prepare to meditate, you might hear stories inside your mind such as “it is too hard to keep focused, better give up now” or “30 minutes of meditation are taking time from doing something more goal-oriented”. Little by little, with patience and perseverance, self-trust and confidence develop. In no time at all, those negative beliefs no longer come up neither during your meditation session, nor in your daily life.

2. Never give up

The practice of meditation develops the muscle of resilience. As every day of our life, each meditation session is different one from the other. They all have in common the will to allow yourself to experience that inner peace. Meditation teaches us to use experiences and build on them, far from the idea of good or bad. Observe what is useful to relax and focus and use the same path to attain inner peace through meditation.

3. Organised lifestyle

Practice makes better. Setting up a daily routine and meditating every day at the same time helps you develop a habit based on taking commitments and respecting them. This practice of giving your word and keeping it leads to an organised lifestyle and also integrity on a personal level.

4. Kindness towards oneself

There is an enormous potential in the human being. So as to unleash it, one has to first be aware it exists. Meditation helps us take a look inside and realize what wonderful resources we have at our disposal. Recognising and appreciating every little thing we have inside makes it easier to be kind towards ourselves and also towards others.

How else did meditation improve your personal performance? Share with us your own story!

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