Meditation and the Art of Sharing

Meditation and the Art of Sharing

“Happiness is real only when shared,” Christopher McCandless “Into the Wild”

We are all breathing the same air, living under the same sky and enjoying the same sun. Does my breathing make it less of a possibility for you to also breathe air? Does my feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin give you less of an opportunity to also do so?

Having the first glimpses of inner peace makes it possible for us to see the bigger picture. One can only share that what one has already acquired for themselves. Separation creates suffering. The regular practise of meditation helps us expand into being one with everything that is. And being at peace with ourselves comes with the willingness to share it with people around us. The art of sharing inner peace does not only bear fruits for the giver, but also the receiver. One one has become the “container” of inner peace, that state of being, emanates and is naturally shared with the people you interact with.

What is the legacy you want to share with the world?

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