Meditating as an Act of Generosity Towards Others

Generosity through meditation

Meditators know that through the practice of meditation, people can evolve to become better individuals. However, what many people still don’t know is that this self-development can also benefit others. But, how is this possible?

Well, Peace In Peace Out is the perfect equation. It shows us that in order to be a source of peace for others, we need to develop our inner peace first. And meditation is the way of achieving that self-development. At least, that’s what my meditation experience has taught me.

Generosity through meditation
Generosity through meditation

Since I started meditating two years ago, I have experienced a huge change in my behaviour: I feel that I am a calmer person, more caring and less vehement. What’s more, I have realized that this change has affected very positively my relationship with those who surround me. Now I know that every time I meditate, I am not doing it just for my own development, but also for others. In other words, the better individual I become for myself, the better person I’m going to be for others, as well.

And this is how I learnt that meditating means being generous. Developing ourselves to become better human beings for others is one of the best acts of generosity we can show.

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