Meditate to Find Attributed Meaning to Life

Attributing a meaning to life is something that I’ve always dreamt about. I wrote about this some time ago on this blog, and I’d like to recover some of the reflections I made at the time.

When I was younger, I had the fantasy of achieving great goals in life and I thought that there was no better way of doing it than pursuing an artistic career as an imitation of my parents’ profession.

However, it wasn’t easy. I learnt very soon that I didn’t have the right skills to follow their path. I personally struggled a lot to find my place, as everybody does. But everything changed when I found out about Peace Revolution.

The Samma Arahang #mantra for meditation as illustrated in a big talisman in ancient Khmer alphabets World Peace Initiative Foundation building Bangkok
The Samma Arahang mantra for meditation as illustrated in a big talisman in ancient Khmer alphabets

After doing the self-development programme and practicing daily meditation, I realized how much I enjoyed being part of a project that believes in the development of inner peace as a tool to contribute to development of peace within our lives.

On the other hand, meditation helped me to mature and to go through a personal process of knowing myself better, till I got to the point where I understood that doing good things for others and myself was, to me, the real key to a happy existence.

That’s now the attributed meaning to my life. What’s yours?

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