The journey to true peace

The sun never sets as the day never rest thinking about life and worrying about the future. The worries were translated into the mind and led high tension with unbearable stresses which led into ulcers. The days become harder as life pain keep sucks. I did not realize that I was worrying and stressing myself too much over the things beyond my control. I was living in total darkness.

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The big disease was on my feelings and mind that manifested all that had to come, stresses, ulcers and other destructive outcomes. Indeed, physical exercises gave some little reliefs but it was not enough to cure the wound. The journey is pressing on to find the true peace.

The journey began on attending a peace conference at a high school as I was convinced peace of mind was going to be achieved. It was a great opportunity yet has up down approach, needs us to think about big communities before the self or the small ones of our own.

On the sole journey down the road, I met new peace community. I was enthusiastic to find out what was all about. It welcomed me with the so-called new approach to finding peace in the world. Curiosity pushed me into the next face of becoming a new member. The first lesson was tough since I ended up sleeping as I was not accustomed to. The journal part was fruitful as a transformation was its intention. After a number of days, I slowly started to see the significances.

True understating of who I begin to channel in my veins. Both mind and the feelings started to reveal to me of who I really am. The garbage in the mind had no longer the room for the permanent stay. The feelings started to be considerate on oneself and others which introduced to new ways of dealing with me, and handling situations and others.

Positive mind day to day was rebuilt as the negatives every day get trashed with seven bases technique. The mindfulness and calmness took a phase of what I call my new life. No worries about the future and no regrets about the past. Life needs us to take what must come.

Academically, I rose hero and I did not wonder how I study less and yet I achieve more, the true feelings I newly felt was bombarded with bliss and peace. It renovated my speaking engagement on transforming people in the world. I discovered the power of my wisdom, talents, attitude and intelligence through meditation as my essential tool.

When a human has a true peace is able to share it with the world, but if he or she doesn’t have one become a big destroyer of oneself and others. I finally concluded peace in peace out. This is how I achieved my journey of true peace which you can achieve too.

By Alhaji Auni Mikidadi

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