GPM 19 in Thailand Eligibility Criteria

We have opened applications for the next GPM 19 in Thailand happening this August from 11th to 24th. Remember that the eligibility criteria is still the same as for the rest of the International Fellowships in Thailand, this is:

  • Complete 42 days of the Self Development Program.
  • Organize both Special Ops (online and offline). A special Ops is perhaps one of the kindest ideas to share your  inner peace experience with the people around you.

This basic 2 requirements need to be achieved before the eligibility deadline to be considered for the training.

Here are Important deadlines to note:

Application deadline: 30/4/2016. (to submit your application)

Eligibility deadline: 11/6/2016.(to finish both Special Ops and 42 days of Self Development Program)

NOTE: If you applied for GPM 18, you can also apply for GPM 19 in case you prefer those dates, but you wont be selected for both. And if you would like to withdraw your application for GPM 18, please let us know writing an email to

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