The Gift of Gratitude for Peace Revolution’s Trip to Grenade

It was a deep honour to have Ilse and Raku from Peace Revolution visit our community and share with us ways to manage stress through guided meditation.  I believe many of us found a sense of peace within ourselves; a quietness; a feeling of ease to simply be present and still. Sadly these feelings are often lost to habitual and conditioned thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours.   I believe many of us also felt a sense of peace within our community which is a rarity at the best of times.  At the end of the session, one of the Elders shared that this was his first experience being internally quiet and consciously still without being asleep, praying, or sitting quietly in the shop. He said, “There was a real stillness I’ve not felt before within myself or within our community, a real feeling of peace.” 

 Two nights before Peace Revolution came to the Village, the Police arrived outside our Community Centre and fired gun shots into the bush behind men running. There was much agitation and confusions in the air over what happened and why those shots were fired. Two days later it was a blessing to sit in stillness for 45 minutes as a mean of calming the air within ourselves and community, helping us move forward into critical reflections around the injustices and violence prevalent within our families, communities, nation, and the world today.

Thank you Peace Revolution for creating that space, for introducing new ways of being in the world!

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