Five Workouts for Body and Mind

Different fun ways to take care of your body and boost the release of endorphin into the blood. 


Seven – is an application you can download for free, which regulates your time, and tells you to do 12 exercises within 7 minutes. You will sweat after this seven-minute workout and will be ready to actively start your productive day. (


T25 – 25-minute workouts by super inspirational Shawn T will make you sweat like a pig, smile like an angel and will boost your energy and love for life, also making you extremely proud of yourself, and will only take 25 minutes per day.


Yoga – this kind of exercise is very beneficial for stretching and preparing your body for meditation, but can be good for virtually anything. Yoga makes you aware of your breath and movements and can cure stress and depression. And you can choose from so many kinds of yoga that are offered for you in gyms and online – from very active power ashtanga yoga and vinyasa flow, to restorative and relaxing yin yoga, to challenging and fun aerial yoga fly.


Dance – you may dance at home while cleaning, at a night club after going out with friends, in the park, in your garden, at the gym, or anywhere else. Dance is a way to flow beautifully and to let go of your body in the most natural way.


Circus tricks – you can start by swinging poi, hula hooping, or slack lining, all of these activities can be loads of fun and can be learnt from scratch in your backyard. Invite your friends over for an active fun time together!

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