Five Advantages of Being a Grown-up

You know how grown-ups like to say they miss their childhood? Well, don’t believe them adulthood sucks. Adulthood is awesome. Have you heard this joke from ALF: “You don’t like cats? You just don’t know how to cook them.” Well, I just want to say: “You don’t like adult life? Maybe you are not sure about how to live it?”

Those adults who miss their childhood are taking everything way too seriously. Life is a game, learn to play it with a smile on your face and things will fall in place.

Why exactly do I think grown-up life is awesome?
1. You are mature and know how to make rational decisions. What can be better? You can think logically and you are well-equipped with a lot of necessary knowledge and experience from many years of school and life. If you make up your mind, you can solve any problem.
2. You understand yourself and you know how to forgive yourself. You are emotionally intelligent and can handle things well because you are mature. Stupid decisions and wrong choices are inevitable, so instead of crying over them, you learn from them, let go and move forward.
3. You have become wise thanks to your life experience. You have gone through a process and have come to love and appreciate people around you and not blame them, but adapt and forgive.
4. You can literally do whatever you want! (Well, children also can, but it’s better we don’t tell them yet, so they don’t run away and get in trouble) As long as you know what your priorities are and follow up with them on a daily basis, you can do anything that is on your mind. Do you want to jump with a parachute, write a book, go to Papua New Guinea? Nothing can stop you if you want it bad enough.
5. You learn and understand more every day. I still remember how I made lightening with a metal pot in a microwave. It scared me, but I never did it again, because I learnt from that one time. And now I know not to put metal pots in the microwave. How much knowledge do you already have and how much more is yet to come? Isn’t that exciting?

I never regretted being the person I was at any moment of my life, and I really recommend you not to either. Your inner child is always inside you, and you can be playful at any time, but being a grown up gives you so many benefits and opportunities, that if you embrace them, you just won’t believe how lucky you are.

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