Find Peace in Adversity

I remember New Year’s Eve 2012 as if it was yesterday. That year didn’t end very well… I lost my job and my mother had an accident. However, despite the apparent bad luck we faced, I remember thinking to myself, “2013 will be better. I’m not a superstitious person, so no matter what people says about the number 13, this is going to be our year”.

However, soon we discovered that 2013 would be even worse than the previous year. I lost another job once again and moved to another country hoping to find my way. My mother lost the case of the accident in court and had to go under surgery again due to complications in the first medical intervention. On top of that, her brother died of cancer hundreds of kilometres away when she was convalescing in bed and my father lost his business partner forcing him to close the atelier where he worked for more than 30 years.

We were feeling pretty sad and low of energies. I wanted to help my parents, cause at that point I knew that every good news coming from me would cheer them up. However, I couldn’t find that balance, which certainly didn’t help me to encourage them to be positive. We were in the middle of a negativity loop, not knowing where the exit was.

Negativity loop

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That’s when I understood that I needed to heal my mind. Feeling good again, relaxed, confident and happy would help me spread positivism among my family. But what could I do to recover that peace of mind? That’s when I suddenly came across with Peace Revolution. I started meditating and found that this practice could finally still my mind. It also helped me to learn to live every moment to the fullest, feeling grateful for the positive things that I had in life no matter how simple or silly they were. I also learnt to fill every moment of joy. But what it’s better, finding happiness was a contagious sensation, and even though going through difficult moments and grieve are natural things in life, we could learn to see the positive side of things.

Just as the poem Desiderata (“desired things” in Latin) says: “Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune”

Shall meditation help you be grateful and find peace in adversity?


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