Easing Lower Back Pain with Yoga and Healthy Habits

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Whether it’s from working out or the stresses of everyday life, back pain is a common, uncomfortable, irritating pain for everyone. To ease the aches and pains, we have provided you with some little tips and tricks that you can try to combat lower back pain.


If you don’t like doing high-intensity workouts, then yoga is the one for you. Whether you have back problems or not, yoga can help with mental health and it relaxes and strengthens your body too. Stress can be a cause of lower back pain, so it is important to try and find your state of calm, and yoga will definitely help you achieve that. Combining meditation with yoga is such a great way to bring more awareness to your body as a whole. Doing the correct poses will help strengthen your muscles and maybe even treat your lower back pain.


Do you find that your bed is making you wake up with a sore back, or is at least making it worse? If your mattress is uncomfortable, then it is definitely worth looking into the best mattresses for back pain. Getting enough sleep and good quality sleep is vital, especially when you are suffering from lower back pain, so help your body out by making your bed as comfortable as it can possibly be. Also, when you’re about to fall asleep, try lying on your side with a pillow between your knees. Lying on your side is probably the most popular position to sleep in, but it can move the spine out of its normal positioning, and so this can help keep the correct alignment of your body while you sleep.

Be Happy!

Endorphins are produced to make us cope with pain or stress. They are natural chemicals inside our body, so it is important to help release them so that they can help treat your lower back pain. Being happy will release these endorphins, so take life a little slower if you can. Also, try doing little things in everyday life that will lift your mood slightly and stop you from dwelling on your pain. For example, going for a walk in the sunshine, catching up with friends and cooking your favorite meals are all great ideas. Exercise is a really great way to release and boost your endorphin levels, and meditation is another. So, yoga really is an amazing remedy for relieving your lower back pain. Releasing more endorphins is also really great for your mental health too.


This is probably the most rewarding remedy of them all, let’s be honest! Who doesn’t love getting a massage? Having a back massage increases the blood flow around your body, which will then help to heal any backache that you have. It is important to talk to your masseur/masseuse before your massage and explain to them where your pain is and how intense it is because there are a few different types of massages that will help different areas of your body. If you can’t go for a massage, then try a heat pack or wrap some ice in a cloth – they’re both great remedies for back pain. Even having a bath can help too!

There are so many ways to treat lower back pain. Give some of these remedies a go, and you’ll notice a big difference in your back pain. If, however, your back pain is not clearing up or is really agonizing, then it is definitely worth consulting your doctor.

Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

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