Destiny’s Energy: Where Does It Guide Us?

You sometimes have to really think about how nuanced and complicated the human condition is, and how destiny guides us whether we recognize it or not. We are capable of such an amazing beauty and wonder; sadly it is in a world that does not always embrace the positive energy we all have within us.

Because we’re imperfect beings coexisting together, none of us really get that far before we encounter negative energies. This happens in a number of ways and scenarios. As someone who is an eternal optimist, even when the negative is on my radar; four patterns of energy have been experienced and scrutinised.

This is hardly a perfect science granted, but the more you delve into the simplicity of this, the more it makes sense. And believe me, as a writer who can get lost in the minutiae; I continually seek within myself and others the most direct path to the light that knowledge brings. Or so I tell myself anyway, but see for yourself if this rings any true.

1) Passive Positive Energy

For most of us, passive positive and passive negative act as the background energies to our lives. This might be optimal depending on where and who you are. An example could be trying to change your health regime. No one will tell you to stop on a dime and change your diet right away or go run that marathon.

Changes like that take time, and most of the strategies out there will plan around a piecemeal approach; some suggesting to do so more quickly or slowly. However, as you go down this road, you’re working towards a positive goal, embracing these positive energies passively.

Drinking less soda or eating less processed foods, parking further away from your destination so you have to walk more; these all could be passive approaches to actively changing your diet and life. But to know that you’re on a road towards a positive direction could be a great way to feel motivated.

2) Active Negative Energy

You don’t need to turn on the local or even national news, search on Google or check out a magazine in the store to see that the world is a bit chaotic. A lot of people for a lot of reasons are swimming within the active negative pool, and that bad energy seems to never go away completely.

At the micro level you could find yourself having been passed over for a promotion at work, or find out a loved one is sick with something serious. When these examples happen, it’s hard to remain upbeat or focused on the good, because the negative energy is so strong at that moment. The hope is that it ends quickly though, and you realize that there is breathing room on the other side of this energy.

3) Passive Negative Energy

Easier to deal with than the active one but still negative, this energy can be longer in nature and more looming. This can manifest itself at any age for any number of reasons. Whether you’re a child who doesn’t want to go to school because of being separated from home, or an elderly individual who is on the medical merry-go-round, this can be the hardest to detach from because it’s not pervasive but it’s always present.

Ironically, the light at the end of this tunnel can seem further out than with the active negative because again, it’s passive, it’s everywhere. So just like the piecemeal approach mentioned above, if you’re not able to take much of the negative energy out of these experiences, change the game and add some positive instead. Use that defiance as a motivation to level the playing field with a far better energy.

4) Active Positive Energy

It’s beautiful, it’s sublime, it’s just plain awesome! You find your soul-mate when you least expect, meet a new friend at school, or get that promotion at work. That novel you’ve been working on is now finished, you’ve been a non-smoker for a full week, or you just got to the gym and there’s hardly anyone there!

Active positive is the most fun to go on about, for obvious reasons. And it’s so versatile in nature. First it can help you get through active negative quicker with a better spirit. It can make passive negative not seem so endless. And passive positive can very easily upgrade onto this wonderful energy when you finally meet your goals.

It also helps make life so amazing and creative! It’s often said that a lot of pain goes into an artist’s work; yet even then it can manifest in the most breathtaking painting or gripping novella. Just the same, a lot of love can go into these creations as well, making the end product just as stunning.

In The End:

Ironically, thanks to the Winter Olympics in February, a quote by Lindsey Vonn came across my radar; “It’s amazing. Life changes very quickly, in a very positive way, if you let it.”

Related to these four energies, it’s easier to let in the opportunities that represent positives than the negatives. And it’s by no accident that 1 and 4 have more content than the others. Remember that part about being an eternal optimist? If destiny has led you here now, on the Peace Revolution blog, the hope is – you can relate, and if not, – may you have the internal light of knowledge that can help you guide away from the negatives, and towards the positives.

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