Are successful people cut from a different cloth?

Many times society told people they were average, while successful and happy people are cut from a different cloth. Deepening the understanding of our potential, environment and opportunities can prove how this is a false belief. Building a bullet prove mindset that you have the ownership of, as well as creating the habits that support you are the key.

Here are some tips to help you develop the mindset that will take you to new places:

  1. Be grateful every day. Energy and productivity increase with deliberate gratitude done daily in writing. Parts of the  brain are still wired for negativity. This was useful in ancient times when danger was everywhere in the environment. Then we would have died eaten by animals if we were not vigilant enough. Now it’s a recipe for misery. Writing is powerful. It releases serotonin. Every day make a list of things you feel grateful for or write them down as a paragraph. You’ll create new connections and rewire your brain.
  2. Make a plan. We think of time management when in fact it’s about managing ourselves. You know when your energy levels are high – don’ t leave the most productive time of the day to hazard. An insight into the habits of most successful people in the world shows that they block chunks of time through the day to dedicate it to activities that are on high priority. It’s not what you plan but what you get done and repeat; that predicts the rest of your life.
  3. Personal time. Give yourself the gift of having one hour for yourself each day to feel your inner life. If it sounds too much, divide it into 20 minutes to move and work up a sweat, another 20 minutes to think of your day, reflect and write with great intention. The remaining 20 minutes can be all about learning. As you know more, you can do more. Are you stagnant in your job, career or emotional life? Learn, educate and invest in yourself.
  4. Journaling creates clarity. Keeping a journal feeds your emotional life. Your handwriting will stand the proof of the most significant events, emotions, lessons  and revelations you have gone through the day, during the year and in different periods in life. Reflection comes with thinking about how you’re living, thinking about how you’re working, about whether your daily behaviour is aligned with your deepest values.

Success and satisfaction come with a feeling of reassurance and strength. Whatever you do, you will engage in it more as you trust yourself more. You’ll have more energy and a richer inner life.

All changes are hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. To add clarity to your personal goals and engage in a quality personal time, start our program today:

Photo credits: Evie Saffer @unsplash

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