3 Keys to Build Happy and Sustainable Relationships

Relationships either build or break people’s lives. It is important to note that life without our family, friends and surroundings can be incomplete. How to relate to people and surroundings in a way that makes us happy and keep the world a better place? Here are 3 keys on improving relationships around us.

1. Giving attracts receiving

Sustainable relationships are rooted more on giving than receiving. In a world that has become so fast and competitive, relationships with family, friends and spouse have often crumbled during their infancy. Also, our relationships with the environment can often be aggressive doing harm to the nature, animals and man-made infrastructure. This is a cause of everyone looking for something to gain from the next person or the environment, thereby hurting others in the process. To live happily, we must consider that giving attracts receiving. If we invest in giving, we can motivate others to give back and thereby develop a cycle of reciprocity resulting in sustainable relationships.

2. Take time to listen

Sustainable relationships are further realized through good listening skills. Hence, communication is one of the vanguards. Mindful people take time to listen to others before they judge, respond, or act upon those around them. This means that for one to sustain a relationship, they should be patient enough to give the opportunity to others to express themselves, to listen not to respond but understand other’s position, idea or a way of thinking. Communication thus is one of the vital cogs in keeping relationships going and building trust with our family, friends, workmates and all those whom we relate with in our personal and social life.

3. Approach differences without destroying similarities

Relationships are either broken or sustained by the way we handle conflicts. One sad reality is that conflict is inevitable but what is important is how we react and approach differences in a manner that does not destroy the similarities or things that bind people together. Conflict is one of the common features in human life, and at one point, the absence of peace is bound to visit everyone of us.

There can be conflicts in one’s thoughts, conflicts between two or more people, and a conflict between us and the environment. The key here is to first accept that conflict is inevitable. When one has accepted that conflict exists, he or she will be prudent to first relax, clear our mind and then self-reflect. Hereby, one’s ability to create a relationship with themselves is the first step towards solving any conflict and sustaining relationships with others and the environment.

In the end

Let’s consider to those whom we relate with. After all, it is thanks to them that our life is often made beautiful and memorable as we share experiences together. Want to know more about improving relationships with all? Or how to start meaningful relationships with yourself first? Check out our free 42 days self-development program!

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.


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