Communicate your Inner Truth

Communicate Your Inner Truth

At the crossroad, where do you turn to? Listen to your inner-self, it will point the right road for you to follow. Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Being in touch with your intuition means communicating your inner truth. Intuition is that “knowing” that can’t be rationally explained. You just know something, without being able to explain it. Being in touch with your intuition clear the path of self-knowledge and authentically communicating your truth. Here’s what could support you on this path:

Communicate your Inner Truth
Communicate your Inner Truth

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  1. Trust your instincts

Intuition might be also regarded as a shortcut to our subconscious mind, the place where you store all information that you can’t remember on a conscious level. Of course, you should not base your decisions solely on intuition. Weigh in the facts and also trust that feeling that helps you make a decision when facts are not enough. We anyhow pick up on things subconsciously, such as nonverbal communication signs. Because it is subconscious, it translates into a certain feeling that you might have without any particular explanation.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is the practise of stilling the mind and keeping it at one point of focus. Creating more clarity in the mind will help you let go of mental garbage, worries and difficult thoughts. Thus, it’s easier to listen to your intuition.

  1. Trust your gut

The more we practise this inner truth through meditation and mindfulness, the easier it is for us to uncover our inner “voice” and let it guide us. We also call this “voice” our “gut feeling”. Do you recall those moments when you feel something is on, but you can’t really tell what; you just feel it in your stomach. That’s your intuition communicating through physical sensations.

  1. Keep notes about your intuition

Try to play this intuition game day by day. Just write down the things you feel based on your intuition without acting on them. Record all your feelings or thoughts that you think come from your intuition and make sure to also note down the sensations in your body associated with your intuition. The more you practise, the more you will trust your inner truth and the easier it will be to also act from this place.

  1. Develop the right side of your brain

Intuition is often associated with the right hemisphere of the brain. It is this side of the brain that we also use to express our creativity. So, make activities that help you develop this side of the brain. Dance, write, play music instruments and let your intuition also develop by doing so.

Being true to yourself takes time and patience. Start making small steps in clearing and trusting your mind more.

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