The labyrinth of life: do you know what I admire about you?

Life… a corridor where we walk freely and facing sweet obstacles, we make decisions; a labyrinth of passages, in which we have to find our way, lost and wandering, detained, from time to time, by a dead end.

Do you know what I admire about you? I asked you on one occasion. You remember it, right? You establish a script in which no difference is appreciated between what is represented and what is true. In truth, I do nothing but follow my path and use you as a model of what I consider to be the competition for excellence. For some, “profile hardiness”; for others, resilience; for me, resistant personality… for you, personal strength.

Do you know what I admire about you? I asked you again. Commitment, control and challenge that you give off and let go. Like the aroma that permeates the wake left by the stars when you look at them with such intensity and firmness, that they feel moving in the place where they remained shining for a long time. You believe in the certainty and the value of what you do. You are a person capable of making decisions consistent with your principles and consequently, you are not afraid to commit to the result. The person who has hypnotised me leads and accelerates or slows things to happen, putting humility, humanity and humour in interpersonal relationships. Your commitment is such that the time you have to use your criteria is a current fashion and your morality is the pillar of a well-structured personality.

Do you know what I admire about you? It was, again, my third question. The conviction of having control over the reactions you have in what happens in your life. When the simple thing would be to resort to chance or to complain about others, your person, flexible as that reed, which after the gale never breaks, responds with self-efficacy skills. And with unmistakable optimism, you develop an inexhaustible potential for coping resources. So much so that “challenge” for you is a black and white word in which change is the constant. “Stability is not an opportunity for growth,” you said.

Do you know what I admire about you? It was my last question. The psychological distance with which, you set boundaries between your inside, yourself and others. Reality is your battlefield. Before anything else, you are realistic. With what you have, you work. Do not miss the lost or waste time in weaknesses, but to strengthen your strengths. That’s your-me. In learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, learning to live together…learning that after success always comes failure. Because there is nothing more modern than being yourself (within limits granted by the natural difference between human beings) and learning and unlearning…Walking labyrinths in search of what the truth hides.

And finally, above all, do you know what I admire about you? That gazes, to the infinite, intriguing, humble but wise, vague, sometimes wandering, as if life had nothing to do with you, as there is certainly something bigger going on apart from the mere vacuity; to finally remind me: get up and follow your path while smiling & keeping bold.

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