What are the Benefits of Yoga for Anxiety?

Anxiety is caused by different external factors. It can be a result of stress from work and school. Your marriage or relationship can also contribute to this condition. For people who are sick and are expected to take medication, this can also be one of the side effects. Anxiety may not be considered as a critical disease but it needs attention.

No matter what factor is causing your anxiety attacks, you need to do something about it. Aside from doing different activities that make you feel happy, yoga is one of the exercises that you can try. Yoga is an activity that involves mental, physical and spiritual aspect, perfect for all gender and all ages. Unlike exercise, the main point of yoga is to relax the body and to help oneself in finding inner peace.

How Does Yoga Help Cure Anxiety? Yoga includes different techniques to help you relax and meditate. There are studies showing that yoga can help relieve stress and anxiety. If you are thinking about how yoga can be helpful to you, here are different ways on how it can help cure anxiety:

1) Yoga Reduces Tension and Promotes Relaxation When you are anxious and stressed, your physical body reacts negatively. You will feel how your neck, your shoulders, and your muscles become stiff. This usually happens when you have worked the whole day. As a result, this tension is transferred to your brain. Your mind will react to the muscle tension by sending a signal that will make you feel uneasy. The goal of yoga is to reduce tension and promote relaxation.

2) Yoga Helps to Regulate Breathing When you are anxious, you will notice that you have rapid and short breathing. This is how anxiety affects you and makes you feel uncomfortable. Yoga breathing technique can help you with this. Remember that breathing can help you calm down. Here is a very simple yoga breathing practice that you can try:

  • Breathe and focus on how you do it. This is called breathing awareness.
  • Now shift your focus on the movement of your ribs and abdomen as you breathe.
  • Just try to feel how your ribs expand when you breathe out and how it contracts when you breathe out.

3) Yoga Increases Bodily Awareness In yoga, you will need less force and more sensitivity to your body. This is what you need after days of stress and a lot of work. As we do our daily jobs, we fail to notice that the tension in our body is piling up to the point that we already suffer physically and emotionally. In yoga, you will be stretching without using force. As you try to explore a pose, you are becoming fully aware of yourself in the process. You are putting effort without pressuring yourself. With this activity, you will be able to learn to find what is good for your body.

4) Yoga Helps Increase Productivity at Work

Most companies and employers are considering yoga as one of the best activities to help their employees become more productive. Just by doing the simple poses and breathing techniques you are already working on your productivity. Here’s how yoga can help:

  • It can improve your mental, physical and emotional well-being. With this, you can be more energetic and you can stay focused on doing your work.
  • It can make you more creative. It enhances concentration and let you think outside the box.
  • It can help you relieve pains such as a headache and muscle tension. The simple yoga poses can help you avoid the feeling of fatigue.

5) Yoga will Help You Feel Fresh Yoga is not a simple exercise. It has a philosophical background and it is capable of making you feel fresh. It establishes a link between the emotion, your breath, and your movement. Your heart, brain, and muscles are connected as you do the different poses. Deep breathing can help in eliminating the toxins and in purifying your blood stream. When the mind and the body are at peace, you will definitely feel fresh and more relaxed.

Anxiety and stress cannot be totally eliminated from life. These are results of the frustrations, problems, and issues of life. Instead of looking for ways to free yourself from the responsibilities, you need to learn how to manage yourself and your emotions. Yoga can help a lot in managing your emotions and stress. You can integrate it into your regular activities and you will definitely be happier every day. Give yourself 10-30 minutes daily for yoga, and you will have a more relaxed day ahead.

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