Travelling – a guide to inner peace

To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye

As travel restrictions are easing and lockdowns being lifted, it’s high time we packed our bags and trod on a path, away from the crashing conspiracy of the universe. While yoga and meditation have proven to effectively help with stressful situations and disastrous outcomes like we are witnessing, there is nothing as effective as travelling. The lush green plains, deep blue seas, icy mountains, unending deserts, ravaging waterfalls, and various creatures of this universe play directly into inner contentment, peace and tranquility. Here is a look at 4 ways travelling helps you unlock a premium level in the game of inner peace.


In solitude, the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.” Laurence Sterne

Being away from the hustle and bustle of our busy, competitive and energy-draining world offers us a wonderful chance to reacquaint physical self with the mind. According to the British Journal of Psychology, we all face an evolutionary urge to break free when we are faced with overwhelming monotony but overlook it. Yet travelling is one of the few ways that helps in attaining this much-needed head-space. You can use this time to focus on a new skill, acquire a new hobby, learn to enjoy your company, absorb your surroundings, and open a new door to your inner self.

The solitude associated with travelling disentangles you from monotonous daily routines, gives you a new perspective, clears your mind, and gives you the “me” time you so badly need.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Leonardo Da Vinci

The effort, planning, and documentation required in travelling usually contrast simplicity. But as you leave behind the memory of long lanes, random searches, loud passengers and jet lags, it is time to clear your thoughts and adapt to the new environment. You haven’t carried along every luxury and household item, so you can use this to learn the ultimate art of sophistication, SIMPLICITY. You will learn to physically and mentally live with less, which directly plays in granting your inner peace as you eventually learn to block out office gossips, household clutters, hoarding tendencies, as well as micromanaging. With less in your life and contentment in your heart and mind, you make more room for your spiritual, physical and emotional growth.


Travelling has its way of taking a toll on us, it changes one in many different ways, with the most prominent being that it makes us more appreciative and thankful for our lives and homes. As we travel we realize the benefit of so many people and things in our lives, which are on a normal day under-appreciated or even worse – overlooked. Moreover, we come across varying cultures, religions, lifestyles, races, food that you have, which gives us a feel of what we have been missing out on all along.

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher

It is surprising that gratitude for tiny moments like an elicit smile from a local, unexpected encounter, a siren place to lay for a rest, and learning a new philosophy or culture among others, pave a direct pathway to inner peace. It is this new form of gratitude for the tiniest of things that gives you a long-sought mental and inner peace.


We live in the age of social media which captures the moments we make, be it a party we attended, a baby shower we threw or a business deal we closed as we quickly share them for others to see, hit the like button and leave cute comments.

How about baking some personal memories, those you make for yourself alone and not for the world to cheer you on. Travelling kills the inner void that leaves us begging for validation, it gives you confidence, broadens your horizon, and allows you to accept yourself.  Creating memories that focus on you, that capture your true moments of joy, as well as gives you a reason to live plays a pivotal part in granting you internal bliss.

Planned or impromptu, travelling undoubtedly helps in the mental and physical growth and well-being of humans. Make a journey that will be your pathway to achieving inner peace as you battle your inner demons, learn to move on, accept yourself for who you are, as well as forgive yourself and those around you.

While others embark on physical journeys, and yours is in the pipelines, here is a link to vlog & travel videos(TripoHolic) that will virtually contribute to your inner peace as they give you a sense of travelling.

Photo by lucas wesney on Unsplash


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