Time Spent Enjoyed Is Not Wasted

With the pace of life speeding up every day, we really like the word “productive”. We prefer to be productive in everything, including our weekends, our private life. If you think about it, do we really need to “produce” so much?

Nowadays the success of people and countries is usually measured by money and the growth of the economy. And only recently such factor as sustainability started to appear, which takes into account the impact of this growth on the society and on the future. And what many realized is that growth is not always good, especially when the direction is unclear.

So what I wanted to say here, is, there are many “non-productive” activities that can be good for you and the society, and should be done regularly and enjoyed to the fullest.

Observing – stop rushing to school, to work, or to the gym, sit down on the bench in the middle of the busy street and observe life as it is – you will feel the blissful magic of harmony, and this harmony will take over your heart.

Being with the nature – take a walk or have a picnic in the woods, climb a mountain or swim in a lake/river/sea. Blend with the world and feel how you are a part of something big and beautiful, this empowers.

Playing with kids and pets – they indeed help us indulge in the joy of life, without any second thoughts or doubts, they know how to have fun.

Sleeping in – letting go of time control and giving a full rest to your body once a week, it will recharge you with energy and will give you a little headache, and this is just a sensation that will remind you how lucky you are to be alive.

Meditation – the easiest process ever, often taken by adults as very difficult due to our serious attitudes built up by collective consciousness. Close your eyes and let yourself go completely blank, and enjoy this emptiness.

This kind of non-active activities will create extra space in your life, space for appreciation, enjoyment and creation. The one who said enjoying is bad has not tasted life to its fullest.

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