Things to Keep in Mind for a Mindful Travel

Have you ever thought when does the travel actually begin? It starts when you grab your things to take the road. Here are some mindful tips to be effective. Don’t waste any more time start your adventure.

One of the things I love to do is pack my stuff and get on the road. After many years, I learned that less time I spend on packing, more time I gain actually visiting different places. My experience of packing and the way I handle the whole airport experience has changed. You know why? Because now I plan ahead what I will do once I arrive. Keep in mind the following tricks to improve your packing and enjoy the time for your next journey:

Travel light by Diego Romano
Ready for the next adventure

Photo Credit: Diego Romano

1. Keep a list

It doesn’t matter the type of adventurer you are, make a list a couple of days before your travel. Define some categories and prioritize: electronic devices, groceries, lingerie, clothes, shoes, etc. Be sure your baggage is light and well organized. Also very important, be sure you can manage it by yourself. It’s not always that you will find nice people to help you.

2. Passing the checkpoint at the airport

If you have watched Up in the air you might remember George Clooney talking about how much time you can waste waiting in the security check line. So, pack only what you need. Don’t use a carry-on luggage. Take just your laptop and purse and off you go.

3. The proper clothes to travel

Don’t wear heels or any uncomfortable shoe that will get you tired easily. My best recommendation is to wear a pair of shoes you can take off easily and this actually has made my travel life better and joyful. When I’m inside the airport, my belt and earrings are already inside my purse. Once I arrive at my final destination, I can get fancy right away.

4. Let go. Travel light

I still remember my first solo travel. I packed a huge luggage for only one week, many of which I didn’t even use. Sounds familiar? Be mindful, choose comfy things you are sure you will wear. Make a good selection, classify and prioritize. Also, you can have some clothes you will use for the last time. Offer them to someone else. Buy some new things only if you really need.

My mindful tip: know yourself. Be conscious of the kind of traveler you want to be. Pack smart, wear smart and focus on enjoying more the present. Embrace this feeling of being free and owning nothing!

See you on the road 🙂

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