How Suzane Learnt To Meditate And Met New Friends

When the sun kisses me through the window, I open my eyes and practise yoga. After yoga I relax and meditate on my yoga mat. Brushing my teeth, making my bed, showering and having fruit for breakfast – these are the morning rituals that make me feel balanced and in touch with myself and help me get ready for work.

When I sit at my computer, the first thing I usually do is open the coaching program of the online self development program. One day I heard from someone in Thailand that it is the best to start your day with giving. Then the Universe will give to you. This is why many Thai people start their day offering alms to the monks. I start my day offering support and comments to the people I coach online. I share my meditation experience, my honest opinions and my life with them, and this is how I have found many people from different countries.

Suzane from Tanzania is one of my international online friends. We have never met in person, but I feel like we have been best friends for the past two months. Suzane has finished her online program about a month ago, but we are still in touch, I have introduced her to my friend Gofrey who is also in Arusha (Tanzania), and we chat about life and her exams.

Today I asked Suzane some questions about her experience with the online program and we are happy to share her answers with you.

How did you find out about the online self-development program?

There was an announcement on a website about opportunities for Africans about the Amandla fellowship. To take part one had to start the online self-development program, and this is how I got enrolled.

How was your experience having an online coach?

It was an absolutely great experience in general and I learnt a lot from both of my coaches, Dennis and Katie. I felt as if all the entries I made were reviewed and they made me feel like they take time to read and I sincerely appreciate them for giving me their time of the day and all their attention.

What was special about the program and what did you learn?

The most special thing I learnt throughout the program was meditation. I learnt that through meditation one can control his or her thoughts and can channel positivity throughout the day, hence what we feed the mind with is what the mind produces. If you wake up with meditation, your mind not only relaxes it also calms down in general and if you channel it to think of positivity then in production of the mind it will be positive throughout the day.  I feel that what I got from the program I can’t get it anywhere and the skills I learn, will help me change the world and make it a better place. The 5 acts of self discipline were a life changing experience for me hence; they made me have a full control over my actions and myself.

If you too want to learn meditation online, join us for the online self development program or for weekly Moonfest meditation on Facebook. 

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