Peace and Sustainable Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A successful mission

Peace is truly in jeopardy in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the country has faced severe war for years, and is currently going through a “rehabilitation” period which is a favorable period for peacebuilding initiatives. Indeed, some smart thinkers of an organization called East Eagle Foundation which is based in the Democratic Republic of Congo and represented by the Peace Rebel Fabien Numbi Ntambi, believe that peace is the absence of conflict and the plinth of any sustainable development. They are well aware that real peace can only start in the mind and wanted to help sow the seed of peace into the minds of the youth of Congo and (especially the one of Kinshasa) so that sustainable development is fostered in their various communities.

In that framework, East Eagle Foundation has successfully partnered with World Peace Initiative to train some young leaders, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and students on the Concept of Peace In Peace Out through a 3 days program held from 10th through 12th August 2016 at the Carter Center in Kinshasa (DR Congo). It has been a breathtaking experience which opened with a conference followed by 2 days intensive workshops whereby the participants got trained and received certificates of attendance jointly signed by World Peace Initiative and East Eagle Foundation. The program was organized and led by the Peace Architect Philippe Mensah Houinsou who trained the participants on how to cultivate their inner peace in order to not only make peace reign in their communities but also to promote sustainable development through the self-development of each individual.

Young and elderly people responded present to this important rendez-vous and created a vibrant and healthy environment for the concept to be shared with enthusiasm and easiness. Peace and sustainable development have been deeply explored in relation to inner peace, the systemic way of addressing today’s pressing sustainable development issues facing the world. In addition, the participants also received knowledge on how the practice of mindfulness meditation can influence and improve positively various areas of their lives such as: health and well-being, emotions and habits, self-control, productivity, relationship and social life, and the environment. The program ended with the 210 participants being convinced that they can definitely develop their emotional intelligence with mindfulness meditation, this is a sustainable way to build more resonant leaders.

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by Philippe Houinsou

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