“Out of this world” into my life.

In the early 90’s, when I was a kid, there was a TV show called “Out of this world”. It was a young teenager named Evie who finds out that her father is from a different planet and because of that she has superpowers. Well, actually, just one. An amazing one! Evie is able to stop time. She touches the tips of her index fingers and everything around her freezes. She could then ignore her mom’s scolding, get some extra time to check her history book before answering her teacher or even give herself an extra minute gazing at her crush passing by in the hall.

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I was not a particular fan of this series neither watched it that many times. However, even 25 years later I still remember not only the series but also how amazed I was just to imagine that someone could have such a power.

Many years and TV shows after that I ran into a friend  – to be more precisely, she was the one running into me – that told me about meditation and Peace Revolution.  I started the program in the following week. I felt great, I was super excited and … I dropped out halfway through.  But there was this soft whisper always reminding me about how right it felt and I started again. And again, given momentum to this journey that would take me to Mooktawan, to become a coach and later on a Peach Architect.

It’s an ongoing journey, a lifelong one, that not only teaches me to search for a better self but above all to accept myself. And it’s precisely in my humanity, on the opposite of half-alien Evie, that I found the same superpower. My ability to stop the time, whenever a challenge appears in front of me, and listen carefully to that whisper. The same one, which told me in my first months of meditation to not give up. The one which always knows what is best for me and the one which meditation helps to become louder and louder. A bit like Evie with her fingertips, I take a deep breath and it is like if the next seconds are longer than normal. I can then decide to respond peacefully to a criticism, to prepare myself better for a delicate conversation or even give myself an extra minute to feel thankful for a beautiful moment.  The best thing is that every day I realize more that my superpower has also super effects! I’m now closer to people and, most impressive, of myself since my responses are not given out of fear nor anger but out of what I believe and out of the person that I want to be.

By Adriana Costa Souza

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