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Kolyane P. SK was a Business Process Improvement Manager for one of the biggest investment management companies turned entrepreneur, life coach, and the founder of Pinch of Attitude. She's driven by a belief in the transformative power of stories to help others live a richer life.

Alma Chopra is a motivational speaker and life coaching expert with a passion for empowering individuals to unlock their full potential. Through her workshops, coaching programs, and inspirational talks, she helps people discover their inner strengths, overcome limiting beliefs, and create a life of purpose and fulfillment. Alma believes that self-development is a continuous journey, and she is dedicated to providing the tools and support her clients need to keep their flames burning bright.

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Nishant Tomer is a freelance writer, content promotion specialist, and social network marketing specialist with a 4-year experience. As a Blogger, He is sure that viewers are interested in a very genuine content which are informative as well as updated according to trend and what is going on. He has worked with many websites.

Bikshya is a passionate book lover, poet, a creative fiction writer and an essayist. In addition to that, she is a huge self-development enthusiast and churns out time for activities related to it.

Beth is the Managing Editor and content manager at Body+Mind. She shares knowledge on a variety of topics related to self-improvement, meditation, and mental health. In her spare time, Beth enjoys trying out new fitness trends and volunteering. Subscribe to Body+Mind for more posts by Beth Rush!