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Lauren Schuivens is a certified meditation & mindfulness instructor trained by Buddhist Monks in Thailand. She is also the Founder and visionary behind the international brand Samavira Meditation. Lauren started using meditation & mindfulness practices in her own life to recover from severe trauma. She then turned her "mess into a message" and now supports others on their journey as well

An independent creative with specialties in blogging, screenwriting and creative writing. Benjamin believes that writing is a valued art form intended to provoke and emote. He tackles the subjects and issues he feels impacts today's society the most, with aims to create both informative and engaging pieces for all to read. You can learn more about his work here or contact him directly via

Peace Agent from Philippines

Amy Campbell is a student and teacher at the School of Metaphysics (SOM) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In addition, she serves as Director of the Oklahoma City SOM and the holds the position of Treasurer for the entire organization. She has studied at the SOM since November, 2012. She has a degree in Accounting and Business Administration spending 20 years at various companies holding management positions in accounting and finance and for the last 6 years worked for Amy Campbell, LLC as a Medicare Insurance Specialist.