Meditation Postures – How to feel comfortable during Meditation

Meditation is one of the best methods to develop Inner Peace and full control of our emotions. I have been writing about “the benefits of meditation”, an article that you could easily find in the posts of this blog.

This time, I would like to tell you about how you could feel very comfortable during your meditation. Hence this present article that will deal with : “Meditation Postures” and “feeling comfortable during Meditation”. Let’s go and just follow the way of my writings….!

Meditation Postures, why?

Posture is very important in “meditation”. When you fail to have the best position before starting “meditation”, you have a lot of chance to fail to attain your goal, which is to find your inner peace. It is therefore good to be sure about the position and how comfortable we are before we start.

Let’s have a close look at it!

There are many postures for meditation. But here, I would like to discuss two main postures. Both have to do with  the “sitting position”. There is “the sitting on semi-lotus position”. Have a look on the pictures below to understand what I mean:


and the “sitting on the chair” posture. Here are some examples in pictures:


Sitting on the chair posture



How to feel comfortable?

Whatever may be the posture, there is the need for us to feel comfortable. So one way is to be very well in our body and find the right position, that could give us comfort during meditation. Take a bath before your meditation is also another way to be comfortable. Clean your room and make everything tide inside. In addition, keep your back straight and be sure you are in a good environment, where you are calm and peaceful. Try it today and let me know about your results tomorrow.

Peace In, Peace Out

Armand KODJO,

Peace Agent at the WORLD PEACE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION (WPI), Benin, West Africa.

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