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Why Meditate?

Peace of Mind

There is enough material on how and why to meditate on the internet.  So maybe, I cannot offer anything new.  But maybe, I can offer an understanding of connections between how things work.

When we meditate, we begin to rest, as our muscles relax, our thoughts slow down. This stage comes with practice, so even arriving here may take months, maybe years. And there is a possibility that we may connect with our larger self – not the name we know ourselves by, not the bodies that we live in, not the identity that our culture has created for us and we have taken on without thinking. Our larger selves is that where we are much more than how we behave and work in our daily lives. In this presence, we are a part of our purpose on earth, not the other way around.  We are here to contribute, to learn, to grow, to evolve…

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

When that happens, when we step into that larger self, as a result of learning to sit down, and do nothing (what we commonly call to meditate), the smaller things, such as who was unkind to us, who did not pay attention to us, who did not respond to our emails, seem much too small to pay attention to.

Real life problems such as health and family issues do not vanish, but we, having calmed our minds, are able to deal with them with grace, and miraculously – maybe just as as a result of being able to meditate – to find the strength to move past obstacles and transform our lives.

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