Introducing Meditation to Biology Students: What Did We Get From It?

Everything started with an invitation from a friend, a biology teacher at UFMG University, the Federal University of my state in Brazil.

Leandro has implemented a very innovative way of teaching the subject “Introduction to Biology”. Understanding the science of life and the fact that we are all interconnected and function as a whole, is what Leandro wants to share with his students. He sees the importance of giving the 18-year old the opportunity to experience nature, their bodies, their values, in a different way. Thus, giving time, space and relations a different perspective.

Meditation was another new experience for the students. Previously, they had also yoga, relaxation, walking in the nature classes. He even gives the students the opportunity to learn self-empowerment through the self-evaluation method, quite rare in Brasilian universities. The students reflect on their performances and grade themselves. According to him some students even reprove themselves in his discipline!

It was quite fulfilling to feel I was part of all this.

Opening the meditation session, the first question I asked them was: “Why do you think your teacher Leandro chose to bring meditation to you guys, starting the Biology course?” The answers were many, showing how they understand the importance for the biologist to have the ability to see everything around, to be sensitive and aware because everything is deeply interconnected.


This was what I needed to start the session, telling them how we become more aware of our surroundings and ourselves, seeing things in a clearer way with the practice of meditation.

Biology students perhaps have this innate sensitiveness deep inside, maybe they choose this course knowing the well being of one species is directly related to the another’s wellbeing. So, for them it was quite easy to understand how important it is for us human beings to be in balance and have a positive impact on our surroundings.

It was also the first time many of them heard about the Masaru Emoto experiment, with the water Crystals, which made me happy to introduce this to them, especially considering they are biology students.

The 30 minutes session was quite peaceful and the more than 50 students felt quite relaxed and calm afterwards. They felt it was a moment of real resting, in between the classes. They said 30 minutes sleeping don’t have the same refresh effect. Some people reported they had really good inner experiences, feeling a new sense of freedom inside!

Maybe because the auditorium was very big and intimidating, in general they were very shy sharing their experiences but in the end one girl came to me and said:

“You know, I was shy to share my experience in front of everyone, but I need to tell you! It was a really good experience to me! And I’m sure for many others here! I felt so relaxed and free, a feeling I was looking for a long time ago! I felt a depth in my presence I had never felt before.”

I felt so grateful for hearing that. I saw she really meant that! With this feeling, I went home, very happy, feeling very grateful for sharing something so simple for me to share. And once more, with the certainty small acts of generosity can make a great difference in people’s life. (:


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