Important Tips to a Winning Fellowship Application

You probably have all the requirements and believe that you are the right person to attend the fellowship. Not so fast, my friend, belief is one thing, knowing what to do and where to do it is more important too!

Our fellowship managers who especially run the applications and shortlisting have some advice for you! From the top guys themselves!

a) Write a clear, doable and solid PIPO Proposal on your application.

The PIPO proposal is a space for you to submit your possible commitment towards PR. As you may have read, PIPO is the series of meditation events a peace agent (someone that has attended the International Fellowship in Thailand) organizes in his/her country one he is back and where the PR crew together with a teaching monk will travel to lead the sessions.


Here we are interested on knowing how you think you would be able to do that; which kind of contacts you have, possible venues, estimated amount of people, how you would plan to do that, etc. It is a space for you to also add or tell us about different ideas you have to keep engaged within the organisation regardless  of the possibility of organizing PIPO, for example linking your organisation with ours, helping us in a specific area of your expertise, organizing periodic meditation sessions, etc.

 b)  Verify that you are complying with the eligibility criteria before the deadline.

Do not wait until the last minute to fulfill the requirements! We will start shortlisting people before the eligibility deadline is over and sometimes it is first come first serve so keep it up with the good work!

c) If you have any doubts regarding Special Ops you can always consult your Peace Coach or read more information here.

Remember, hundreds and possibly thousands apply for the fellowship each time, so the best application is made mindfully, following all the requirements, taking every detail seriously and honestly.

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