How to manifest your wish to attend Tony Robbins Event

If You Believe it, you can see it; then Life will never be the same after that. 

Those were the words that I kept telling myself since the day I left Tony Robbins Event, where I spent four amazing days full of energy shared by 12’000 beautiful souls from 68 countries from all over the world, gathered in Excel London centre in April 2019.

I started this dream with a promise to fulfil it with all the power that I have within, and I decided to make attending Unleash the Power Within my own reality. Now, as I am looking back, I remember watching some videos from Tony Robbins, listening to the wisdom he was sharing, which I could summarise in concrete steps that helped me make this happen:

1. Writing a clear S.M.A.R.T Goal

I wrote a clear and focused goal about my intention to attend the event on a specific date and time, name of the city and country. I wouldn’t say it worked instantly as my first plan was to attend it in California in November 2018, but my steps were not so clear and determined, whereas the second time I decided to do it again, but with more determination.

Another important point is that I wrote the reason WHY I should really go to the event and if I can’t make it there, what will happen. This step is important because this was my driving force towards what I would like to manifest. So, my advice – make the WHY as big as you can.

Tony Robbins says: “Reasons Come First, Answers come Second.”

2. Knowing the feelings and thoughts

What was standing between me and achieving this dream, I wrote them all, I acknowledged their existence. Then before tearing the papers, I wrote my fears and limiting believes in a positive way so it would no longer be a limitation. I was doing this from time to time whenever I felt I still had those thoughts.

3. Setting up the intention

My intention was to enjoy travelling to London to attend Tony Robbins Event and enjoy taking some photos in London Tower Bridge. 

4. Ask and it’s given

After reading “Ask and it is given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I applied one of the exercises which is creating a folder in my phone with a name “whatever is contained in this folder IS”. There I put all the things that I want God and the Universe to  make it happened. All that you have to do then is to believe it, so you can see it and let go of it, because it will be manifesting. So I started collecting all the photos related to the event and the city where the event would take place, some photos of Tony as well besides the photos that I would love to take in London. From time to time I was looking at that folder and the photos inside of it.

5. In some of my mornings, I was jumping and imitating the feeling

I was pretending that I was already in the event, and to make it also more real and vivid, I watched Oprah Video when she walked on the fire. That boosted my confidence and made my WHY even bigger as I was telling myself I also want to feel this, I remember I was crying at the time. See the video here.

6. I was watching the movie “I am not your Guru”

They were video shooting one of Tony Robbins events in details, so I was so sure that I can see it now happening easily. I was listening to the music that I found on Shazam and felt myself there, especially in the part of meditation, and here I come to the last and best step.

7. Let it go

When I was meditating, after spreading loving-kindness, I was giving myself some time to visualize myself inside the event, to feel it, touch it, smell it, hear it and see it from time to time. I believe my mind is so powerful as I meditate on daily basis and share peace energy with a large number of people. Then I would let it go completely, and this is the most important part of anything you would like to be manifested: The Letting Go.

8. Then the miracle happened

A person appeared in my life and was the reason to manifest my dream and to get a VIP Ticket to Tony Robbins Event. You don’t have to worry about how it will be manifested, it is not your job at all! All that you have to do is to believe!

I went to London, and there I was – at Tony Robbins event. Read more about my experience in the next post.

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