How to get out the most of Tony Robbins Event

Attending Tony Robbins’ event had been a dream of mine for quite some time. My wish to do that was so strong that I finally manifested it in 2019. Prior to the event, I had a lot of expectations, but I kept telling myself: Nesreen, you are a regular meditator and you know what it means to have a lot of expectations. I was so excited about the traditional Firewalk and how it would turn out on the first day of the event.

Tony was there only on the first and the third day to prepare us physically and mentally for life after Unleash the Power Within. As Tony’s vocal cord was weak and he couldn’t speak for too long, he was with us only for two days. Yet, there were so many things to learn as Tony’s ultimate goal was to allow us to understand our power from within and learn to use it in order to achieve lasting success. Here, I’ve tried to summarize the best out of it and what you can get out of such a training. 

FIRST DAY: emotions and meaning control our lives

1. We started the event by defining the main things that stop us from moving forward which is FEAR and what lies beneath it which is We’re not enough so we won’t be loved. So, you come to a result that EMOTIONS and MEANING control our lives.

2. Three forces that form our emotions are:

  • Physiology (our body movement)
  • Focus (where the focus goes, energy flows)
  • Language or the meaning (how we perceive it)

3. Knowing the Six Basic Human needs and how and what we do in order to fulfil them. We might be using a positive or a negative way to fulfil them, so listing them is an initial step towards success.

4. If we want lasting success:

  • We have to know what we want exactly
  • Why we want what we want
  • Take a MASSIVE ACTION towards it
  • Observe what we are getting
  • Change our approach if it is not working

5. And remember – It must change now, I must Change it Now, I can Change it now

SECOND DAY: the future me

Closing the Gap on the second day was one of the most powerful exercises that I have done in my entire life. It closed the gap between where you are now and what you will be in the future. Moreover, imagine the feeling when you do it with 12 000 people altogether; the vibration that penetrates your body at the time, after finishing this. I felt that nothing would stop me again and until now I can feel that the new version of me, the future me is in the present moment with me and from now on, life will never be the same. Something touched my soul and set it free forever as if something opened and refreshed my soul again.

THIRD DAY: screaming out the pain

The day was focused on health and how we can generate energy from our healthy body, and how to use meditation as a part of our health practice. 

We were working on limiting believes, and we had to scream out all the pain that had been caused by those limiting beliefs and the bad decisions that we had taken because of them, or people we had hurt because of them. Here, just listening to the sound of pain of 12 000 people was a feeling that generated goosebumps in the body. We had to do it in order to break it forever from our mind as the mind had to go through it to the maximum. So you had to feel this pain as if it had been there for 40 years or your entire life. And now you could release it with an everlasting effect. 

You can never imagine the amount of screaming of pain and happiness that was happening there, the way we jump and boost the energy is something we are not used to doing to this high level. And although your throat felt injured after all the screaming, you learned that your body can handle and do more than you imagine. This leads you to see how our mind can do more than we imagine. 

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash


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