Five Tibetan Rites to Energize Yourself in the Morning

Are you looking for a good exercise to energize yourself in the morning and to start off the day with a smile on your face? Tibetan rites are five simple exercises that take around 15 minutes, be sure this little workout will totally change your mornings!

Do all the rites as many times as you can but not more than 21.

When your body is stretched out inhale, and when your body is closed, chin to chest, exhale. Inhalalation and exhalation last 3 seconds each.

1. The Spin.

Tibetan rites Spinning
photo credit: Youtube

Stand with arms stretched out horizontal to the floor. The right palm is facing the sky, the left palm is facing the floor. Choose a point in from of you, where you will concentrate your attention, and spin around clockwise, always coming back to this point. Rest in the mountain pose.

2. Legs up

Tibetan rites legs up

Lie down on the floor face up. Extend your arms along your sides and place the palms of the hands against the floor. Inhale and when you exhale while raising your head of the floor, chin to chest, and at the same time life your legs up, knees straight, toes flexed. When you come back to lying down, inhale and continue. Rest in the corpse pose.

3. Camel

Tibetan rites camel

Kneel on the floor body straight. Hands are placed along the thighs. Bring your chin to the chest and exhale. Inhale and bring your and and neck back, arching your back. Come back and exhale, repeat. Rest in child pose.

4. Tabletop

Tibetan rites Tabletop

Sit down on the floor legs straight in front of you, palms on the floor near your buttocks, lock your chin to chest and exhale. On your inhalation, bring your ching away from chest and raise your body in the air, knees 90 degrees, arms straight, looking like a table top, engaging your whole body. Return and repeat.

5. Downward facing dog

Tibetan rites Downward dog

Start in downward facing dog, palms on the floor, fingers open, you look like an inverted “V”, exhale here. On the inhalation, bring your weight on your arms, like you are doing a push up and come up into upward facing dog, looking up.

Once you are done, you can lie down and rest in the corpse position.

Do these minimum 2 hours after each meal, and not less than two hours before sleep, otherwise you will be too energized.

Try to start at 5 or 7 and increase by two every day.

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