Care what other people think and you will always be a prisoner

Nothing can be more time and energy-wasting than being overly concerned about what other people think of us, a self-created prison where everyone can go in, or be liberated from it.

There is nothing wrong in wanting others to like us or to think well of us, but it should not be done at the expense of our integrity. We have to get on with the tasks in life and make our own decisions based on our highest thoughts, not the thoughts generated through the filter of approval seeking, and people-pleasing.

If we take our own decision based on our highest intuitive thoughts and certain people disapprove, we shouldn’t really pay that much attention to them. Our business to get on with the business of life is guided by our own consciousness, not by the opinions of other people in our circle. When you are in accord with your inside, you will do your own job, and then stop. Leave others’ opinions alone. Don’t go against the current foundation of existence. Instead, go with the flow of it. Accept yourself! Believe in yourself! Because if you did, you would not have to try to convince others. Be content with yourself! Because if you were, you would not need others’ approval.

There is a story, it is the story of a pair of twins:

They look the same, talk the same, belong to the same family — but one is loved, trusted, and promoted by others while the other one is not. He wears nicer clothes, eats better food and lives in a nicer home. The successful twin treats the unsuccessful twin with undisguised arrogance because he falsely believes he has earned his success, telling him, “Maybe there is just more in me than there is in you.”

One day, they both meet their Master, who tells them, “When you say that one man has more in him than another, you mean only that they are not equally gifted. What I mean is something different from this. The unsuccessful twin has more worth than luck, you have more luck than worth. Your success is not due to wisdom, nor is his failure due to foolishness. Both of you are from heaven and not from man, yet you are presumptuous because you have more luck, while he is ashamed though he has more worth. Neither of you perceives that things must be as they are”.

The truth is that the great power of oneness can only be obtained with great love and great humility. One should always be impeccably humble because it is the humility that guarantees great victories over oneself. It is the basis of the correct achievements in the transformation of the soul! If you do this only partially, this will result in a dangerous breakdown because only complete humility is the cure for the disease called pride. Sadness and anger are companions of pride whereas calm and joy are companions of impeccable humility.

<<The wise man is the one who knows, that he does not know.>>


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