The 21st Century is the fastest and very competitive. Millions of people get through yet billions stuck. The minority who wins believes in YES and the majority who always lose sit in NO. This is simultaneously happening to make the world go round. You cannot sit in the comfort zone while everything change is so fast. We moved from analog to digital, typewriter to the computer and so many changes over decades.

What creates FEAR in you are these changes. Then it makes you lose confidence and trust in yourself. Of course yes, since the challenges rise up to make you GIVE UP. That’s an open secret that you never knew. You do not have to wait to be shaped by these changes. You need to be in supersonic speed in 21st century not just to survive but to live. You have to mark the difference between the survivors and lifers. The survivors shaped by life, catastrophes and storms then they follow the way.

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These people are always willing to give up, to work on others dream and forget theirs, takes everything for granted.

People who are there just to visit the world, see beautiful scenes like Egyptian pyramids, lucrative cars and shining sights of others. They are here to stay and be cleared away without any mark left. Their thinking is always there to give the story of others as situation, not inspiration.

The lifers who are few, focused, determined, and big dreamers. People who trust their thinking and consider others.

They are busy either working on their own dreams through others or themselves. If one is at small media company just because he or she needs to grow. One wants to gain a certain block for his dream. Napoleon Hill had to work for Andrew Carnegie without pay for 20 good years. Why? He wanted to research about the rich men and write a book about it. That was in the 1960s but the book later was completed and published. He became the bestselling author who sold millions of copies worldwide up to date. How does that sound to you? Lifers work out on the idea. They create and share it with the right keys. The wrong key never opens the door. They trust their brain because was not created empty.

The lifers believe in the right idea and channel to excel. You are not enough to be the survivor; you have to be the lifer especially in this century. Why? You are better than you think, greater than you are. You are not born empty. You have full of deposits, potential, and attitude. Find the right outburst and be the lifer.  Follow your own way life is so limited but never limit yourself.

By Alhaji Auni Mikidadi


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