Beauty Born from Emptiness

What do people do when they need to build a house? They buy land and cut down all the plants that are on their way to make an empty space. What do I do when I start cooking? I clean everything off the kitchen table to make space for cutting boards and veggies. What do you do when you want to fall in love? You empty your heart from the previous lover to open it to a new experience.

The thing about life is – if you want something new to come, you need to let go of the old things. If you want to open a new door, close the old doors first. Meditation is not just an exercise that you do and then go back to your old life. It is a practice that transforms you and helps you take up new attitudes and habits.

So how can we make space for whatever it is we want?

Accept and let go. Whatever has happened is already in the past, stop living in the past and accept the present. Be here and now.

Be patient. Every great success was preceded by a thousand failures, just try to understand the true nature of things where positive things go hand in hand with negative, wait, and stay neutral when you can.

Prioritize. Try to clear your vision and see what is it that you really want? Plan and make decisions, invite your wishes to come true in your life.

Embrace change.  If you compare your mind to a bookcase full of books that you have been collecting for many years (your thoughts), and new amazing books keep coming out, but you do not buy them anymore because you don’t have space to store them. Our bookcases have limits and sometimes we need to get rid of old books to get new ones.

Share. By sharing you empty your life from too many things and you make somebody else’s life better. Give some books to your friends and you will get amazing books from them in return.

It is only worth to be on the move if you can stop one day, and travelling can only be pleasant if you have a place to go back to and appreciate your memories. Only if you make a stop on your way, you will have time to think about your direction and only from emptiness, something genuinely new and beautiful can be born.

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