Acceptance of cancer – How meditation helped

About meditation and the benefit of it, you can find a lot of texts, information, sayings and also scientific researches   and it is your choice if that information will be stored it in your memory or you are going to do something with it.  Perhaps you have been in near contact with someone who is practicing meditation and you are wondering, why this person is bothering to do meditation. It is such a waste of time. But is it really a waste of time? Just sitting there and doing nothing – what’s the point? Well, there is not much of a point but when you start seeing the changes of your body and your mind especially changes of your reaction of life on a different kind of stimulation, new dimension will arise and deepen your understanding of life. From my opinion, the most important change that is going to happen after some time practicing meditation is growing and cultivating ACCEPTANCE.

We live in a very interesting and challenging time, a lot of information, what is right what is wrong, what to choose, what to reject. I understand it is very confusing, although scientific studies now have proven and confirmed many of the benefits that meditation contributes to the body, like lower blood pressure and prevention of different kind of heart disease like atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, congestive heart failure, myocardial ischemia, and ventricular hypertrophy. But my intention is not to encourage you with a series of scientific studies that have been made in terms of meditation and physical changes of the body; my intention is to tell my story, my benefit of practicing meditation.

Above I have mentioned acceptance besides calmness, tranquility, balance, centeredness, but I think that cultivating of acceptance for me was far more significant. Why and in which contexts?

Recently I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and in the beginning of my seasons of meditation, many things were not clear to me. Sometimes I was wondering and I was questioning meditation but when the doctor confirmed the diagnosis I knew that meditation had prepared me to accept life with all the challenges good or bad.

Every day there is a possibility to die but also every day is a possibility to live. We have to accept fresh and sunny mornings but also we have to accept the dark and cold night.

But you should not trust me, neither scientists nor the famous people and their talking about the benefits of meditations.

See for yourself. Start today!  It is your choice whether you will spend a little time just for yourself or you will go on running in the circle of constant regret, despair, weeping, complaining self-pity, blame…

Simply all you need is a decision, determination, and dedication. However, the beginning is quite confusing because the mind will make a series of expectations and as big the expectations are the greater the disappointment that will follow.The beauty of meditation is when there are no expectations just acceptance, self-acceptance, acceptance of life or death, of happiness or sorrow, acceptance of whatever the life will bring.


by Moni Kuzmanovska

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