1000 People meditating in Lesotho – Africa.

Lesotho is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. They call it the mountain kingdom. It does not matter your position in Lesotho, you will always see a mountain. Lesotho is one of the few countries in Africa where it snows. It does around June and July. Other than the beautiful nature, Lesotho is experiencing political instability with some of its opposition leaders exiled to South Africa.

Just like any other country in the world, Sesutu population desire peace. They have found themselves in a world with too much distraction. Most have been sidetracked by secondary activities forgetting the main purpose of life, peace, and happiness. Thapelo Maja, a peace rebel, has a mission to share with her community the path to inner peace and happiness. She decides to collaborate with Judith Raselemene to organize a mini PIPO in Lesotho.

Having created a rapport with her lectures, Thapelo identifies her school as the ideal place to hold the workshops. Interestingly enough she is able to gun the support of the administration, college director included. Two days are set aside for the training and all university students and lecturers invited to attend. Indeed, mini PIPO in Lesotho was the best bet and every activity was in apple-pie order.

Peace Revolution sent a trainer (Timothy Onyango) to Lesotho on 21st April 2016. More than 1000 attended the workshops. What went on you will tell from some of the feedback given by participants;


‘Thank you for the wonderful training session this past Saturday. It was really great. While the concepts you touched on were not really new to us, it was in the simplicity of your presentation that we found the most impact on these concepts’

‘What came out of today’s session reflects the way I have been really doing meditation. I saw light inside that made me feel like I was going to see something, like I was going to see someone’

‘Meditation techniques for me was a great thing, I felt as if I was in a sleeping mode, but the kind that is as if I am half asleep and half awake and as if I was going to die’

‘The session was so interesting and it’s an eye opener and a confirmation that everything is possible if you put your mind and focus on one thing’

‘This experience has been most welcome and inspiring; we have learned a lot and been motivated to get into applying this more in our daily lives and inspiring others to do the same. We appreciate. The meditation exercise have been interesting too, with the realization that making meditation a way of life would be beneficial in inducing a peaceful and happy life; regardless of any situation, which is priceless.’

‘The meditation session has been very uplifting and enlightening to my spiritual journey. It was well articulated and very clear to us all from what our lunch time discussions indicated. We were able to realize the importance of looking into the bigger picture when confronted with challenges in life.’

‘The meditation workshop to me was a moment of self-discovery. During the meditation, I felt at peace and my mind was calm. It felt good to be free from the fears and bad thoughts in my mind.’

By Timothy Onyango

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