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Specialized Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops for Organisations

Introducing the WPI Paid Course program and other specialized regional retreats.

In the wake of growing need for mindfulness and meditation, WPI has introduced various paid courses streamlined for corporate organizations, institutions and individuals wishing to embrace self awareness and explore stress management for higher working efficiency. Plus, the courses in one of the practical ways to enhance PR operations around the world!

Currently, the paid courses include:

  1. 3-day paid retreats organised for at least 30 people
  2. 2-hour Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops for organisations, teams, groups of people who like to introduce mindfulness and meditation as means to develop better communication skills, develop creative thinking and solution-oriented mindsets, improve the efficiency and productivity of their teams

Most of these courses involve activities that correlate with mindfulness and meditation which give participants the possibility to discover more about themselves, improve their skills, invest in their personal growth and wellbeing.

For more information regarding the paid course or to book a mindfulness session with your team for higher efficiency, contact

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