Practice forgiveness to experience less procrastination

When going through a process of self-reflection, I am looking at something I’ve faced before – the procrastination existing in my life. Can you relate to that? I am sitting at my desk and methodically going though what is holding me back at different stages in life and inevitably leading to procrastination. It’s the:

  • lack of discipline
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of direction
  • lack of role models
  • the need for certainty
  • the fear of failure
  • laziness
  • high expectations without really putting in the work

I am starting to understand more about the past, its degree of influence, how I am allowing the past to seep into my present and future. One way to break the rhythm of procrastination is by changing the relation with past events, habits, limiting beliefs reducing the power they have over me and the attachments I’ve developed. It means taking self-refection to the next level, taking responsibility and action.

Train the mind into positive

Start with making a list of self-limiting beliefs, life events, prejudices and others that are holding you back.

For each of the negative aspects you can think of and make the effort to change it into something positive. Just as we can train the mind to believe in the negative, we can train it to believe in the positive. To choose the thoughts and beliefs that are empowering.

Often difficulties in letting go are connected with people, events, long term memories that are created from highly emotional experiences. To practice forgiveness means choosing to forgive to yourself and others for the less than perfect conditions that are affecting your life, happiness and productivity.

How things changed for me

Having  clarity on what is not working, writing it down, seeing my own words and feelings on paper; it’s giving me power. I am feeling optimistic and motivated as the previous dominant helpless and overwhelming feeling is gone.

I can direct the attention to what matters and I can choose what matters most at this point in my life and start taking action in that direction. I know that without sustained effort I would be living in the same old. I am making the choice to forgive myself and others for the sake of liberation from the past and using that time and energy to accomplish something instead of dwelling into procrastination.

Learn to cultivate the inner discipline and regular self reflection and talk to a mind coach.

Photo credits: Rolf Gelpe @unsplash

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