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Memoirs from my Africa Peace Summit Experience

Arriving Kenya at the Kenyatta University for the Africa Peace Summit (APS) as a first timer was impressive. From a cab driver who offered assistance at no cost to help me meet Tim to the warm organization of the APS team, I knew I was in for an experience of a lifetime.

With the enthusiasm and already made up mind of usual conference long deliberations and talks with little or no implementations, I never knew I was in for a mindset shift.

From the first day, I was awakened to the caliber of participants: Young, Enthusiastic and Liberal. Representing the African Youth Movement. I was privileged to facilitate a side event on “Role of Media in Peacebuilding”; but this was just the beginning of an amazing experience.

What if everyone knew the road to peace in the world starts from within us? What if everyone knew the bold step is simple if we try to get connected to the centre? This I understood and began throughout the conference to add to my peacebuilding skills: inner peace.

From the partnerships created to the friendship established; from the views of speakers during plenary to idea sharing by Mediatrics at the world café including action provoking keynotes from Ms Worakate, LP Pasura, Dr Umar and many others.

All the sessions impacted in me an improved culture of peace and partnerships across Africa to establish it.

Looking forward to greater engagement across Africa and the world.

by Daniel Nwaeze

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