Can 100 Challenges Help Overcome Fear?

How many times in life we don’t do something because of the fear to step out of our comfort zone? Here’s a story about two friends, Vincent Dai and Mikaeel Adnan, from Sydney, Australia, who decided to begin a journey of 100 challenges trying things they’ve never done before to boost self-empowerment and overcome the fear.

Bungee Jumping, Say Yes to Everything for a Day, going to a retirement home and playing bingo with the elderly and cooking dinner for them; these are just some of the challenges on the list of 100. As Vincent explains, the theme for a challenge is either something new, something challenging or something they fear. For instance, jumping out of a plane at a free will was definitely something Vincent would never do, but now the challenge has been done.

Vincent adds that by actively seeking discomfort and trying new things, this exposes us to many new experiences that we probably wouldn’t even dare to try if we didn’t have a real think about it.

“This may seem crazy to some of you but honestly this is the key. By constantly exposing ourselves to fears and confronting them head on whether it’d be jumping out of a plane or merely going berserk on a dancefloor has allowed us to stop being in our head and start being out of our head which feels empowering,” says Vincent.

Moreover, this involves developing the confidence and strength to set realistic goals and fulfil our potential. “Everyone has strengths and weaknesses within them and a range of skills that are used in everyday situations, but all too often people remain unaware of, or undervalue their true abilities.”

Follow the journey of  Vincent Dai and Mikaeel Adnan on their Youtube channel.

How about YOU trying something that you’ve never done before?

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