Between Luxury and Life meaning

We are living in an era where technology and industries have come together and created societies of wide range of luxuries and conveniences to make our life easier in order to achieve our full potential. However, unless we are aware of how and why we choose different choices, we will be stuck within this circle of luxury that would control our lives.
Internet has allowed us to access unlimited number of choices, opportunities, potentials and possibilities. For instance, an aspiring young woman in her early twenties could use internet not only to meet new people, enjoy movies, or games, but also discover her path, skills and potentials by opening up to different ideologies and deep readings in different subjects; the key to build upon the way of becoming an influential entrepreneur in creating social change and improving the lives of many people. Hence, the internet is not only a tool to build up networks of meeting new people and enjoying different choices but it also paves the way to empowerment and social change making a better future.
On the other hand, the overly use of internet could lead to insecure attachment to the virtual world creating a whole reality in this virtual world, thus resulting in introversion and a lack of social skills, health or physical problems caused by the lack of movement and exercise and an excessive misuse of computer or video games. This may cause to limit learning the skills and abilities gained through experience, practice and active engagement in daily life that teaches us how to be human and deal with people and situations.
Finally, the urge to access the fastest and finest internet and other luxurious services makes people from the upper class run in the endless loop of constantly changing or upgrading their phones to the latest versions released in the market. This may convert them into highly consuming societies that are distracted and occupied by dedicating their money earned from work to buy unneeded products; they may fail to realize the most important things in life that really makes them strong and independent, such as quality time with family and friends, exploring life with its variety of different experiences, such as travelling, experimenting with new things, defying fears, coming out of the comfort zone every once in a while and understanding the meaning of life. All this is meant to help in one’s personal development psychologically, spiritually and physically. Yet, in order to allow this dimension to emerge into one’s life, one needs to become aware of the daily consumption of luxury choices made and opt for more meaningful choices instead which requires constant self-observation and discipline. In fact, it’s a daily practice that needs a strong decision and commitment, but that ultimately allows to become more and more available to those genuine moments of a true search within, a true life meaning.
Everything begins with a simple step. How about joining a free 42-day self-development program? Daily meditation and mindfulness practice could be a good way to start clearing out the unnecessary clutter to give rise to more truth, love and meaning. Thus, we no longer allow luxuries and conveniences control our lives; we become masters of our own mind and life.

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