Meditation Clinics with Buddhist Teaching Monks

World Peace Initiative Foundation provides Meditation Clinics which is a private one-on-one, 30-minute session with Buddhist Teaching Monks. Participants may ask meditation, self-development and well-being related questions, share meditation experiences and receive valuable tips, suggestions and guidance by the monks. Such sessions have been provided to our Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers, Peace Agents and participants of our meditation retreats and events. It has greatly helped individuals to improve their lives by cultivating inner peace, habit development and mindfulness practices.
This time, upon great interests shown by communities outside of WPI, we have organized meditation clinics for the general public who are interested. There will be 2 monks – Monk Pasura and Monk John, with whom many of you are familiar with. If you would like to have a meditation clinic with either of them, please select your preferred slot here:
The time that you see in this form should be your local time.
As WPI operates from the generous contributions and donations from the people who benefit from our work, we welcome you to make a donation of $50.00USD or more if you would like to have a slot in this meditation clinic. All funds and donations raised are always put into organizing more meditation and peacebuilding events.