Exploring my inner world

I knew about meditation before discovering Peace Revolution, but at that time, I was not that disciplined to meditate every day. So, Peace Revolution not only helped me cultivate discipline but also, gives me a totally different method to calm my mind.

Eating for a Healthful Old Age

At any age, a good and varied diet is a prerequisite for health. As people become older they may be less active and need fewer calories but their basic vitamin, mineral and protein requirements do not diminish with age.

Self-Care over Social Work – Why it is Important to Put our Well-being First.

Being involved in social change is a very rewarding job. Having the ability to help others in their times of need not only makes a difference in their lives but can make a tremendous difference in our own. However, social work and social justice can be extremely taxing on our mental health over time. The stress …

How to battle Emotional Eating

Many of us turn to food for comfort when we are stressed, angry or sad. Sometimes food also serves as a way to kill boredom. Eating food due to emotional reasons instead of eating food to cope with physical hunger is what we call emotional eating. Emotional eating is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Community theater and peace dialogue

Cambodia has experienced long lasting devastating civil war, especially, the terrible blow of genocide during the Khmer rouge regime, 1975-1979. Thus, Youth For Peace Organization (YFP) have designed a project to bring a play called “The courageous turtle” to show to Cambodian youth in different high schools. This is an attempt to  raise the awareness …