In this category, we focus on exploring personal self-development, for instance, how meditation helps us discover our habits, make changes in life, become a better person in the local community and understand oneself better through extending meditation practice into personal life journey.

Unlock Your Creative Potential Through Meditation

creative meditation

Being a musician and a guitar player, I’ve found that even creative minds often hit a point in their life where their seemingly endless fountain of ideas runs dry. This is often experienced in the form of a writer’s block or even procrastination. Getting your creative juices flowing once again can often be difficult and …

Launch of Pacific Peace Network

On the occasion of International Day of Peace at 21 September 2016, a special event was organised by Peace Revolution, World Peace Initiative Foundation, Pacific Peace Network (PPN) and Aspire Network at University of South Pacific (USP) Performance space, Suva, Fiji. The United Nation General Assembly has devoted International Day of Peace for strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and …