Peace Revolution Events

In this category, we focus on activities organized by Peace Agents and Peace Architects of Peace Revolution project and World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI). There are a variety of events that Peace Agents and WPI crew organize or take part, like PIPOs, Mini-PIPOs, Peace Summits, conferences, trainings and others.

The Gift of Gratitude for Peace Revolution’s Trip to Grenade

It was a deep honour to have Ilse and Raku from Peace Revolution visit our community and share with us ways to manage stress through guided meditation.  I believe many of us found a sense of peace within ourselves; a quietness; a feeling of ease to simply be present and still. Sadly these feelings are often …

Mindfulness and meditation workshops in Budapest, Hungary

In February Peace Revolution, represented by Peace Architect Manuela Puscas, went to beautiful Budapest for the first time. Over 120 people of amazing diversity joined the events, from fifth graders and students to university professors, hypnosis and Gestalt therapists, yoga teachers, economists and other professionals, trainers, social workers and local NGO members.

MENA Youth, it’s time for a New Revolution, a Peace Revolution

The PEACE REVOLUTION MENA Salam Fellowship will take place in Turkey, 13-17 March 2015. The leitmotif of this second edition? MENA Salam Fellowship: Towards a New Peaceful Coexistence. 40 young leaders from Middle East and North Africa will gather to inspire each other and exchange best practices on building a sustainable peaceful coexistence in the …

Peace In, Peace Out in Bangladesh with South Asian Youth Society

They say “you cannot find peace in Google as peace is inside”. Once we have established peace within ourselves we can spread it to our surroundings. This is the premise behind the inner peace workshop arranged by South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) on 2nd of October 2014 at the EMK Center, Dhaka. The event Peace …